TIOBE 2024 MVP: C++

June Headline: C++ surpasses C for the first time in history

C++ is the new number 2 in the TIOBE index. Originally, dubbed as the better and object-oriented version of C, it took C++ 39 years after its inception to beat C’s popularity. C++ has never been that high in the TIOBE index, whereas C has never been that low. C++ started a new life as of 2011 with its consistent 3 yearly updates. Although most compilers and most engineers can’t take up with this pace, it is considered a success to see the language evolve. The main strenghts of C++ are its performance and scalability. Its downside is its many ways to get things done, i.e. its rich idiom of features, which is caused by its long history and aim for backward compatibility.

C++ is heavily used in embedded systems, game development and financial trading software, just to name a few.